Global Hope Rescue: "Transforming lives is our devotion"
Global Hope is a small and relatively new operation, and so we rely on our volunteers and donors.
We have several volunteers who live with us and assist in the running of the center, incuding administarative tasks, supervision and extra curricular teaching. We also have volunteers who have traveled from aroud the world to come and stay with us. If you have questions for anyone in particular, please feel free to get in touch! They would be more than happy to share their experiencs with you. 

  1. Dorcus Njoroge
    Dorcus Njoroge
    Co-founder and Director
  2. Mike Sakawa
    Mike Sakawa
    Field Logistics Manager He has been a volunteer at Global Hope in the same capacity since June 2013.He is a former street boy whom through proper care and love, got reformed and later becoming a responsible person ewspecially in child care management.
  3. Anthony Ndugu
    Anthony Ndugu
    Volunteer Staff in charge of cooking
  4. Hillary Clarence
    Hillary Clarence
    Volunteer Staff in charge of co-curricular activities and information technology Hillary lives at Global Hope and helps Joseph run the center. He supervises the boys in the evenings and encourages them to pursue their interests. He helps to organize and choreograph the dance troupe. Hillary is also a student at Mount Kenya University.
  5. Andreas Forup
    Andreas Forup
    Visiting Volunteer Denmark March-May 2016 & October-December 2016 Andreas first visited Global Hope while he was working for a different children's home. He was inspired by Global Hope and the work they did, so after returning home, he fundraised on their behalf. He came back just a few months later and bought the center it's first water tank. He also set up an initiative for adults living in the streets. He teaches them basic life skills so that they can escape from the cycle of poverty they've lived in their entire lives.